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5 How to get New Followers Instagram (NO Cheat) 100% Works!

5 How to get New Followers Instagram (N Cheat) 100% Works! - In a previous article, we discussed about how to remove Followers Instagram without having to be on the Block, surely now you panic because your followers decreased. Well, on this occasion we will discuss an article about how to get Followers Instagram Without Cheat and secure. Many tutorials reproduce followers instagram by using fraudulent means. Followers we get is usually a passive account.

Useless if you have many followers, but follower is all passive account. With a passive follower, instead of making us famous but instead considered one eye by someone else, why? Usually the first place that people see others are Followers, after which they will see pictures (like & comments). Passive account typically does not give like, let alone comment. So you'll be considered one eye by another "follower, like just a little, turned out to be false!!"

Well, usually people use the tool cheat followers also uses tools to generate like and comment, so I'll be hits or can vogue. But it was just a mere passive or fake accounts. So I suggest not to use tools that.

I have encountered many, many service Enhancer follower instagram (naturally passive follower) who offer their services at a price that's not cheap, of course. Because they only with purchased tools Enhancer and they sell followers passive to the purchasers. - Sorry for my buyers to it. but you can also get a follower without having to cheat by using our way.


For that I give this does not guarantee your follower adds quickly, but if you are serious and use me correctly, then you can get a follower you want quickly

1. Follow Then Unfollow
The first way is a little sneaky, anyway, but this is a pretty safe way to get the follower is active. Now for how we live follow people who are not known to us, then we unfollow. Then, where we should look for a candidate (the victim) follower? hehehe ...
Previously we had to find accounts that so popular or artist account-sartis capital. As an example we can use the account (Jokowi, Katy Perry, Raditya Dika, Ayu Tingting, etc) anyway that much his followers. After that, you should see a list of their follower. Then specify your potential victims.
After there are potential victims, you can follow them, but try to do over (not a lot) so that your account is not blocked parties instagram. If you already follow them, you don't instantly unfollow them, let 1-2 days till there are opportunities they follow you back. Then you can unfollow them.

2. Hobby Community Account
If you have a godly one hobby, you can find the same hobby community account with you. There you will find fellow lovers of that hobby. For example you have a hobby in the art of drawing or painting, you can join the akum art community, for example @Semangart and many more.
After you find the appropriate community account with a hobby for you, you can follow this account. In this account we must be active in like & commentary. Well, after that here we can follow each other the community members to get a new follower.

3. Upload a photo Quality
We already know that it's misplaced instagram upload photos. To get the follower that much then we also have to upload the photo quality and beneficial to others. Customize with your hobby, the hobby if you play futsal and don't like to draw, you don't upload images of the paintings. Because of course the results your image quality, you can not upload photos about futsal.

With the upoad pictures with quality and useful for others then it could attract people who have the same hobby with you to become your new follower. Certainly a follower you can add up quickly.

4. Maximize Caption & Tagar
The photo quality is not enough, because a quality photograph would be more interesting if given a caption that interesting anyway. You must add a caption that is capable of enticing people to kepo-in IG you account. Well, you can take advantage of the quote-quote the famous people in the world to fill your caption.

After successfully adding the caption of interest to add to the range of photo submissions, we must add the tagar that corresponds with your submission. If you send in a photo of a picture, then you can use #Seni #senilukis #gambarkeren tagar #lukisanwajah #seni #seni, etc. Besides the tagar corresponding to our submissions, we can also slip the tagar are often sought by people, for example #awkarin #jokowi #ahok #indonesia tagar etc. Anyway the tagar again popular. 

5. Tags another account
Well other than a nice photo, caption & tagar that corresponds with your submissions, you can also use tags to other accounts. When you upload the photo you could tag the accounts often repost works of their members. Here is your chance to get a new follower on Instagram. You can tag such well-known accounts belonging to Mr. jokowi, etc. Here the chances of impressions and coverage of your submissions will be more extensive, it will mark many account with your account.

Do the ways above patiently and correctly, then little by little a new follower'll haunt you timeline. Good Luck!!

By using these methods then the chances increase of new followers intagram belonging to you will be getting bigger, so you can be selebgram. Good luck how to add follower instagram quickly and Godspeed, success!!

Note: In Original this tutorials made with indonesian version, then we translate to english version, so if an words is false in the grammer, we're sorry. Thanks!

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